Monday, December 3, 2012

The one.

Currently, I am sitting on the couch with my feet propped up on three magazines that are filled with patterns, swatches, dress styles, theme ideas, planning aids and pretty pictures of glowing women and their dapper men.  Currently, I am straight jamming out to Beyonce's Love on Top.  Currently, I sit here exhausted with the overwhelming feeling of pure joy.

Ya'll, I'm ENGAGED!

I will never be able to look at airplanes the same again.

Sam.. aka my future HUSBAND... told me he wanted to take me on a surprise trip Saturday afternoon.  With a very nonchalant attitude, we headed west and ended up at Raleigh-Durham International Airport.  I have been wanting to go to the observation deck at RDU, for at least 3 years.  I've hinted, nudged, hinted again and nudged again for Sam to take me on a date, so I was thrilled he finally picked up on it.

We watched airplanes take off and land.  We talked about where we would fly to if we hopped on a plane today.  We talked about field mice.  We talked about the future.  We talked about nothing.  

Well, I really want to tell you the whole proposal, I do, but I do not think I can do it full justice with it written down.  I want to tell you our emotions, what was going through our heads, I want to describe the weather, and how easy that day was.  Writing it down just will not give you the full joy of the story like my high energy voice, super detailed description of everything, and my trying to find reasons to use my left hand during the whole story could.  So how about I give you a great outline.. and if you want more details, you can totally ask me.  I will never get tired of telling this story.

So anyways, we are plane watching when Sam hands me another surprise - a folded piece of a paper with a winter bucket list.  I slowly went down the bucket list, wanting to talk about every single one.  Eventually, I got down to the bottom and as I read the last item on the bucket list, I saw Sam take a knee.

In complete shock, all I could think to say is things like "Oh my word, are you serious?  Colby, is this real?  Colby Scott, this better be real."  After his sweet assurance of yes, this is real life, I lost complete control of my tear ducts.  Eventually came to & said "Oh by the way, YES, I'll marry you!". 

Then Colby continued to completely melt my heart by telling me of his intentions of what this life will look like together.  He even brought up the heavy heart I had just the day before where on social media I posted this:

 Lord Jesus, I have NO clue what my life looks after May 
but I'm trusting in you that I will be where I need to be. 

Photo: Lord Jesus, I have NO clue what my life looks after May but I'm trusting in you that I will be where I need to be.

Sweet, sweet Sam ultimately told me that he didn't care that 
I didn't know where I was going after May but he wanted to go with me.

I said yes to the man that stole my heart at the young age of 15.  I said yes to the man that has continued to fearlessly pursue my heart for over 6 years.  I am so enthralled by the good, good heart of this man & I am filled with complete joy with knowing I am praising the Lord by saying yes to a life with him.

I will never, ever look at airplanes the same again.


  1. Too sweet! Love, love, love!!!!!
    Perfection....wrapped up in one day and one shiny ring!

  2. Holy Moly! You and Sam were our topic of discussion at family time tonight. After I read your latest installment to your blog, I encouraged Tracey to read it to Brooke. During this time, Tracey struggled reading this while keeping her composure. We felt that it was very important for her to get every ounce of this blessing in your life, and to know that this is how true love should be. We commend you and Colby for setting the standard in Agape love for one another and for Christ. We wish you guys a lifetime of happiness and love. We love you guys!!! Colby, you know how to treat a lady! Phil, Tra & Brookie

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog. Thanks for sharing your very special day and Congratulations to you both : )
    I hope you know that you will have to leave out of the RDU airport for your honeymoon.

  4. This is so sweet! So happy for you both and best wishes as you start to plan your lives together.

  5. What a precious couple. I love how Sam leads and I love how you yearn for Jesus. So happy you two are growing old together....*the best is yet to be* to you both.

  6. SO PRECIOUS!! SWEETNESS is all I can think to say (while squealing of course). I know that the Lord will bless your marriage richly and use your lives together to serve him uniquely and to build his kingdom. I am so excited for you as you enter into this stage of your life... I've got some great books to recommend once your head stops spinning :)